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“When you turn Disillusionment to Determination; Dejection turns into Delight.”

-Gagandeep Arora

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    We just had the pleasure of listening to Gagan. He addressed the Teachers on ‘WINNING EDGE PERSONA PROGRAM’ and How a teacher can do her bit to take it across to the school.
    The session was delightful and ever so powerful and there are so many take aways from this session. I’m sure these teachers are going to put it up to practice in their day to day management of their classroom. So wishing Gagandeep all the Success in life.

    Ms. Veena Goel, Principal APEEJAY SCHOOL,PITAMPURA

    This was such an enriching-enlightening workshop I should say. We Were taken down a roller-coaster ride of quotations, of ideas and I am definitely going to take away “VICTOR”. It is that winning streak which all teachers, students and parents need to imbibe because what ‘sells’ is successful. And if we need to sell a product and we need to sell ourselves; we need to kind of believe and VICTOR comes from within.

    Thank you so very much and I am so very honored to have attended this session.
    Thank you

    Ms. Anjali Kakar, ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL

    This is to share our deepest appreciation and heartfelt gratitude for the wonderfully enchanting and tremendously Motivation Boosting sessions which Mr.Gagandeep Arora delivered at the following two forums at our institute :
    1. Motivation Talk to Senior Students of our PGDM Course regarding Gaining Effectiveness and Leadership Qualities
    2. Chief Guest Address to the “National Conference on Digitalization”

    Both the sessions were extremely powerful and the participating teachers, students and guests were so enthralled by the energetic and engaging methodologies adopted by Mr.Gagandeep while driving the key points home with a deft touch of inspiration mixed with participate inclusion & humour.

    We look forward to closely working with Gagan’s Winning Edge Persona Program for many more of such Persona Transformation Sessions, and wish them all the very best for their future endeavours.

    Dr. Maninder Kaur, Director, GNIM

    I attended the lecture of Mr. Gagandeep Arora and he spoke on ‘Digitalisation’: Boon or a Bane in the present economy in the National Conference.
    I have never heard such a good speaker till date. He is one of the best Motivational Speaker in India who is been delivering lectures.
    So, definitely I wish him Best of luck and definitely we’ll be inviting him to our Institute also.

    Dr. Navneet Kaur, Director, SGTBIM&IT