About Me


Gagan’s Winning Edge Persona Program (GWEPP) is a training & career counselling institute established in February 2019 at
Rajouri Garden/Raja Garden in New Delhi.

GWEPP has been established by Gagandeep Arora, a Motivational Speaker, Personality Development Coach and a Competency Trainer.

GWEPP’s Marketing & Operations are headed by Tarunpreet Arora. She is an MBA, B.Ed, with a highly successful decade long career in the Teaching world, as Academic Head at a prestigious school chain.


To contribute towards the creation of an enlightened and effective society by facilitating persona enhancement of the young generation by enthusing them with reinvigorating power of winning edge persona via imparting skills & competencies which will enable them to become Super Achievers in their professional, academic, personal and all future missions.


To build a generation of smart and confident personalities who can effectively cope up with the needs of rapidly transforming
academic, business and societal needs. GWEPP is committed to providing a training, coaching and individual counselling experience customised to the specific needs of its participants , in order to deliver long lasting sustainable & self evolving persona enrichment.

As founder of GWEPP, Gagandeep Arora will utilize the knowledge, skills and learning base accumulated over the 22 years of experience at the Corporate world – where he held various assignments in capacity of Senior Management , Director & Member of Board at MNCs taking care of areas of Human Resources Development , Learning & Competency Building – to provide training on the crucial know how to the participants , with an endeavour to motivate, inspire & groom them – and to help them successfully pursue their goals of life.


To deliver training programs for Comprehensive Persona Enhancement & Skill Refinement for people across all spectrums of life and work sphere – including Students, Teachers, Corporate Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Management / Business leaders and homemakers. To help increase their enthusiasm and motivation levels, and train them with new scientific techniques for adaptive fast learning and skill acquisitions, enabling them to pursue their academic , professional, personal and lifestyle pursuits, with significantly elevated effectiveness and zeal.
The series of lectures, presentations and highly engaging training activities have been scientifically researched & designed,
and have been successfully deployed to instill Winning Edge Persona Skills in participants.


  • A training & persona grooming institute dedicated to Total Personality Transformation to Shape Your Winning Persona
  • Founded in Feb 2019 by Gagandeep Arora
  • Working with a mission of bringing about remarkable Persona transformation & skill enhancement
  • Specially designed methodologies to achieve substantial & significant boost in wide variety of personality traits – with special emphasis on increasing Communication Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Relationship Management, Achieving Self Actualization, Motivation & Enthusiasm Building, Boosting Memorization Skills & overall Effectiveness Enhancement.
  • Eventual objective is to help young generation achieve accelerated growth by smart adaptation to the high pressures of Academic, Professional & Corporate World
  • Delivering training programs to participants, with the objective to groom distinguished winning personalities
  • Delivering Guest Lectures at Schools, Colleges, Universities & Corporates – focusing on Students, Teachers & Parents
  • Located at Rajouri Garden / Raja Garden, New Delhi.


GWEPP provides Training& Coaching to its participants and helps them gain a significant transformation in their Personality. The training programs are focused to bring about Total Personality Transformation and help the participants become highly motivated & effective performers.


The GWEPP Training methodology is based on a very scientifically designed “state of the art” approach using an apt mixture of techniques of “Action Learning”, “Experiential Training” & “Professional Guidance with Mentoring”. The techniques ensure the highest level of intense engagement and involvement of participants, and the learning assimilation occurs via experiencing and acclimatizing to the environment provided. This approach ensures high energy & enthusiastic contribution by each and every participant, thereby delivering Personality Transformation which is sustainable and substantial. The participants mindfulness is ensured by soliciting them to reflect, brainstorm & conceptualize solutions , once the avenues to be address have been identified.